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Inspired by true events, Black Angels Over Tuskegee is a vibrantly energetic, emotionally captivating, award-winning drama that tells the story of six trail-blazing men who exhibited courage to excel in spite of overwhelming odds. The play follows the collective struggle of the first African American aviators in the United States Army Air Forces as they overcame Jim Crow-era injustices with intelligence, patriotism and brotherhood as they worked towards their dreams of an inclusive and fair society.



"Some plays teach, others celebrate, and a few simply entertain.

"Black Angels Over Tuskegee" manages to do all three and one thing more: It inspires."

                                                                          - BACKSTAGE

Our Mission

Can Blacks Fly Planes?

Known as the Tuskegee Airmen, these men united to be part of the Army Air Corps program, which was designed to train African-Americans in flying and maintaining combat aircraft. Their work included pilots, navigators, bombardiers, technicians, instructors and other support personnel who were responsible for readying the planes for take off and keeping them working while in flight.Through their perseverance against segregation and prejudice, they made up one of the most respected fighter groups during WWII becoming the 99th Pursuit Squadron. The accomplishments of these men proved that African-Americans could fly and maintain complex combat aircraft which led to the full integration of the U.S. armed forces. 


The Work

The play Black Angels Over Tuskegee continues to be a hit, selling out shows "globally." The original Tuskegee Airmen have said that this production best showcases their experiences during World War II and the bond they formed. The show does not just focus on the accolades and awards they received; instead, it focuses on how these 6 men from different parts of the country, with varied backgrounds, became a family and made an impact on a nation.

To Tell The Story On The World's Biggest Stage

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