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                                           THE PLAY

Vibrantly energetic and emotionally captivating, Black Angels Over Tuskegee continues to enlighten and educate Off-Broadway audiences after an extended opening. Presently, one of the longest running productions Off-Broadway, originally opening in Los Angeles in  2009  then transferring to New York for a two-month engagement in 2010, the award-winning, historical docudrama is a narrative of six men embarking upon a journey to become the first aviators in the United States Army Air Forces during a tumultuous era of racial segregation and Jim Crow idealism in twentieth century American history.                                         Black Angels Over Tuskegee, is inspired by true events.


The play uplifts and inspires audiences. The production movingly illustrates how the men unite in brotherhood to achieve a communal vision. 


                            WHO WERE THE TUSKEGEE AIRMEN

Can Negro’s Fly Planes?

Commonly referenced as the Tuskegee Airmen, these men came together to participate in the Army Air Corps program, which sought to train and prepare African-Americans to fly and maintain combat aircraft. The group included pilots, navigators, bombardiers, maintenance, instructors and support staff personnel who were charged with keeping the planes operable and in the air. The Tuskegee Airman conquered isolation and prejudice to become one of the most highly respected fighter groups of World War II forming the 99th Pursuit Squadron. They proved conclusively that African-Americans could fly and maintain sophisticated combat aircraft. The Tuskegee Airmen’s achievements paved the way for full integration of the U.S. military. 




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