Black Angels Student Matinee Series

Students from New York, New Jersey and beyond may attend Layon Gray American Theatre Company performances through

Black Angels Matinee Series. Schools bring student groups to weekday morning matinee performances at the theatre during  February Black History Month. Young people also have a chance to meet and interact with cast members in the lobby after each performance. Talk back with the director and cast is also available.


For more information about Black Angels Matinee Series, or to discuss having your school participate, contact  us at

323 762 3488 or  send us a note  at


                                                         "YOU" SELECT THE SHOW TIME


                                              Full 2 Hour Version    or     60 Minute Version


                    Study Guides

Teachers can enrich their children’s theatre experience with our Tuskegee Study Guides, prepared with helpful background information as told to the cast from "Original Tuskegee Airmen"  and are available for download two weeks before the performance.




                                                            BRING THE ACTORS TO YOUR SCHOOL!!!

                                             ( Must be in the New York, New Jersey Metropolitan area

                                   (2)  ACTOR SCHOOL (6O) MINUTES PRESENTATION 

















                Community Partnerships

Community partnerships pair Layon Gray American Theatre Company with non-school organizations, such as church groups, senior citizen centers, out-of-school programs, community theatres, and youth groups.


Community partnerships use the study guides connect with teamwork, character-building, and other life skills valued by community organizations like most recent the  NFL "Buffalo Bills Organization" used the play for motivating its team. If your community organization is interested in working with Layon Gray American Theatre company to create a collaborative partnership, please contact us at 323 762 3488 or